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Eastern Jackdaws

The Intergrade Issue Alan Tilmouth 1 = spermologus 2 = monedula 3 = soemmerringii A = Turrium   B= Polish Intergrade Whilst Martin has covered the three Jackdaw races (spermologus, monedula and soemmerringii) in his previous blog posts probably the biggest … Continue reading

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3 Jackdaws types

with weird Latin names While in N. Ireland last weekend I got chance good looks and photos of Western Jackdaws- ssp. spermologus– the resident Jackdaws of Britain and Ireland. Best starting point for me has always been to ‘learn the local birds’ to know them well, that way … Continue reading

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Russian Jackdaws in Britain?

ssp soemmerringii Been interested in these for a while having found the first ‘Nordic Jackdaws’ in N. Ireland over a decade ago. Rewind? A brutally simpified over view: 3 Jackdaw subspecies in Europe: ssp. spermologus. This is the one that lives and breeds in Britain. … Continue reading

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