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Flycatcher Comes Good

Black and White Sounds Was frustrated getting the Doc’s text about the Flamborough Flycatcher this morning. He was surprised as anyone (thanks to him for processing this so quickly). The data we have says: ‘just a Pied’! Being a little peeved didn’t last long. I really enjoyed seeing the bird and … Continue reading

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Atlas or Iberian Flycatcher?

Getting Closer All we need is ONE good recording! I have been frustrated having tried on a couple of occasions to record this bird’s call. Others have had some success at least in hearing it; indeed it appears the bird both calls and on occasionally sings as well. Delighted when Scott … Continue reading

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Flamborough Flycatcher

No Interviews Went this morning. Beautiful conditions before anticipated inclement weather of next couple of days. Hoping, hoping to record a call. Good chance it would be identifiable with a recording. Unfortunately in 2.5 hours I managed less than a minute of views and no … Continue reading

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Iberian Pied Flycatcher

Similar Just to compare with the Flamborough ficedula, Brett Spence sent these digi-scoped images of a  1st-summer Iberian Pied Flycatcher, he took in Spain on 1st June 2006.  Magnus Robb also sent a bunch of links. Especially interesting are these 1st summer male Iberian Pieds: … Continue reading

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Atlas Flycatcher

Maybe. So worth seeing.  Been a great learning curve. Surfbirds Jedi Master, Brian S. sent me an animated text t’other day: see these photos! Taken by Brett Richards at Flamborough Head I could tell the bird was not a ‘normal’ Pied Flycatcher and having already been musing on Pied X Collared hybrids, thought … Continue reading

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Flamborough ficedula

Nice looking bird! Just a quick photo of the fascinating black and white ficedula flycatcher from Flamborough today before I crash out- more tomorrow I guess.

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Semi-collared Flycatcher

Calls and conundrums IF they call, listening to and especially recording calls can be very helpful in separating the black and white ficedula flycatchers in all of the ‘trickier’ plumages (i.e. pretty much everything that isn’t adult male!). Could be helpful with … Continue reading

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