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Golden Pheasant mutants

in Norfolk Couldn’t help but think of the ‘X Men’. Wolferton sounds too close to Wolverine is well. O.K. I’ll stop now. by Dave Appleton and Nick Moran Bedazzled by colour, we surmised in our ignorance on this day  that the surprising dark face of the … Continue reading

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One Day, 111 Species.

NW Norfolk  Saturday (26th Jan) we had and excellent day in Norfolk. Tormod and I were joined by Chris Hind and Tristan Reid from Cumbria, Nick Moran from Thetford and Yoav Perlman…from Israel. Our plan in icy, remnant snowy weather … Continue reading

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My Best Views Ever!

Day Two of the Spurn Spring Special: 25th May- a SUPERB DAY! Best Views ever? Read on… After the first day bonanza- they were keen. I thought my suggestion of a 5:30 am start might meet with some disapproval. Not at all! So visible migration began at the … Continue reading

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Malayan Peacock-pheasant at Spurn

A surprise find! Sharon and I were walking along the main road just past the ‘Crown and Anchor corner’ when we noticed this feather on the path. Amazing! we knew it was some sort of Peacock, but not the traditional big … Continue reading

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In Praise of Pheasants

They do look good even if… …we introduced them and they really belong somewhere else, more exotic. This is the season of male Pheasants looking their most gaudy and attractive. Hormones roaring they are also more approachable and more aggressive (towards other males)- seemingly sometimes oblivious of humans. Here are a few of the different plumages I have encountered in the  last week or so mostly in the Sheffield area. … Continue reading

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Reeve’s Pheasant near Harrogate

North Yorkshire Great friend of mine, Si Ross was out cycling yesterday. Not especially a birder but very keen cyclist and photographer sent me the photo below, wondering what it was. Quick eyes will recognize a male Reeve’s Pheasant. It’s not on the British list, but … Continue reading

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