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Baltic Gull in Late Autumn

Can you or can’t you? I keep lookin’, but haven’t found any in Britain yet. Baltic Gull that is. Larus fuscus fuscus. Birds in their 2nd calendar year, (first summers) are often identifiable in May to August (thanks to lots … Continue reading

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15 Days, 150 Moments in 7 Minutes

Pushing the Boundaries Tour So much squeezed into just over a couple of weeks. Here’s a 7 minute peak into life on the road for Tormod and myself. Too many people to thank and crammed with fond memories. Here’s a taster (thanks largely to … Continue reading

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Rufous Turtle Dove

Juvenile in Israel Sometimes rarity hunting works and sometimes it doesn’t  Exploring the N Negev region with Yoav and Tristan, we headed for some excellent habitat. Plenty of  ‘expecteds’, but no hoped for Asiatic vagrants. Shachar Alterman went to the very same spot the next day and found a juvenile Rufous Turtle Dove. The … Continue reading

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Asian Black-shouldered Kite

Agamon Park, Hula Valley Elanus caeruleus vociferus  ‘Evil Red Eyes’ typed into the Google search engine brings up these images. Just like the piercing ruby eyes of the Black-shouldered Kite. Those eyes, deep-set in black furrows, on the side of triangular Owl-like head, … Continue reading

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