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A Tricky Subalpine Warbler

A Subalpine Trap : an interesting “cantillans” makes things hard ! by Andrea Corso, Michele Viganò, Ottavio Janni & THE MISC The Subalpine Warbler Sylvia cantillans (sensu latu) complex is one of the most interesting Sylvia taxa in the Western Palearctic; its variety of taxa, complicated taxonomy … Continue reading

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Moussier’s Redstart

Plumage not in the books I’ve not even had chance to talk about other stuff seen on Linosa, such as Moltoni’s Warbler, Spectacled Warbler, Sardinian Warbler, Laughing Dove, Serin and Corn Bunting, Quail, Wryneck,  grey and rufous Skylarks, Firecrest, Scopoli’s … Continue reading

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High in the Sky

Linosa Diaries- Overhead It’s a volcanic island with a lack of easy landing for some species and some birds are highly aerial anyway. Here’s a flavour of some very interesting birds seen essentially overhead during my 10 days on Linosa in November 2011. All photos taken early November 2011 and © Michele … Continue reading

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The Linosa Interview

M.I.S.C. It’s the lettering on the really beautiful T-shirts. M.I.S.C. Roughly transliterated: a Malady (sickness) for Isolated Islands at the Chronic stage. Love it! Embossed with a Red-flanked Bluetail  (2 found so far on Linosa) and Yellow-browed Warbler (c16 while we were … Continue reading

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Lost my Mojo

Linosa Diaries (cont’d) Rare bird hunting, migration watching, tiny island dwelling. It’s a game of highs and lows. I arrived on Linosa in early November, having already had a very good autumn. However it was a place, with a mix of birds, with which I was unfamiliar. I had the warmest of welcomes which was maintained throughout. … Continue reading

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Mystery Warbler

Still is a bit This one I mean: This one was and still is perplexing. Seen and photographed on Linosa on 4th November 2011. We all headed off in a wrong direction on the ID as it looked small (Chiffchaff nearby)  and thought it was a Chiffchaff. ID … Continue reading

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Kingdom of the Yellow-browed

phylloscopus Warblers on Linosa They are part of the magic. Some headlines. Chiffchaffs are ubiquitous. At a guess up to 1000 on the island every day? Yellow-browed Warblers on Linosa have completely changed the status of the species in Italy. I obtained a call of one of the Yellow-browed which was new … Continue reading

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Desert Grey Shrike

Singing 1st winter Been looking forward to  processing my time on Linosa in early November 2011. I started to write from the island, but limited internet, excellent company, lively discussion of each day’s birds and Italiano cooking every night were too distracting! Linosa is here More to … Continue reading

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Too many good birds!

Monday morning. And feeling a little overwhelmed- in a good way. Been very fortunate this autumn, to see so many good birds, visit amazing places and meet some pretty cool people. Loads to share here, I just need to figure out how and … Continue reading

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