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Pipit ID Challenge

Aberrant Meadow by Rune Sø Neergaard Rune is an Administrator on Netfugl, blogger on BirdingNJ and member of the Danish Rarities Committee. This pipit was photographed at Bøjden Nor on the island of Funen, Denmark on the 5th of April by local birder Klaus Schak … Continue reading

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Bizarre Photo Opportunity

Gull, Tyre and Gargoyle combo  On an inaccessible limestone stack. Yep, sometimes it’s just bizarre. Out walking the north cliffs of Flamborough the other day, I picked up this ringed adult Herring Gull. Off the top of my head I think such orange rings come from birds trapped … Continue reading

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Frontier Birding Israel style

Still haven’t purchased a proper sound-recording system, but with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S2) I manage to get semi-decent recordings of close birds. Here are some of my adventures in recent weeks: On February 9th I had a picnic with … Continue reading

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Pipits, Pipits, Pipits

Shetland, Autumn 2012 You never know what’s wandering through the long grass… This is an Olive- backed Pipit which gave wonderfully close views in Hestingott, South Mainland on our first morning. Never the same. I look forward to each autumn on Shetland. Because you never know…This year the weather … Continue reading

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The best date in the birding calendar?

What’s the one date in the year you’d want to book off work? Here in the far north of Britain, the week just gone has been one of the best of the autumn. No great surprise there – some of … Continue reading

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On the beaches

Here’s another quick post from Shetland, in response to Martin getting excited about redpolls. I am bereft of redpolls to blog about, so here’s a couple of birds from yesterday’s beached bird survey – carried out monthly, year-round, in Shetland … Continue reading

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Shetland – day 1

Martin arrived in Shetland last night, I picked him up from the last flight into Sumburgh. Talk about a kid in a toyshop – he was sooooo excited! And correspondingly loud. I could see all these people I knew giving … Continue reading

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First Lapland Bunting

In U.K. this autumn by Martin Not like it’s really rare or anything, but I enjoyed it! Having been inspired (yet again) by a long conversation with Magnus R. at the Birdfair I gave myself a week to improve my sound recording (= do more).  Opened my nocturnal effort with Tree Pipit … Continue reading

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Tree Pipits of the Indian kind

Dreaming of… Coming back form an excellent Birdfair 2012, and looking forward. Autumn. Migration. All kinds of stories to be in, and I would like to be in some good stories this autumn! I am thinking Tree Pipits right now. They start moving in the Sheffield area in late August and I … Continue reading

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