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Long-legged Buzzard – Britain next?

by Lukasz Lawicki, Andrea Corso & Leander Khil In our forthcoming paper in Birding World we described a very large increase in sightings of Long-legged Buzzard Buteo rufinus in central and northwestern Europe. Below we present a short summary; a … Continue reading

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Gyr Falcon: Grey Morph

Answer: Spot the Arctic Bird Yes it was a tad tricky. Well done to all who braved having a go. Hopefully you had a laugh too, at least at some of the wry comments. And the answer? Circled: an adult … Continue reading

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Taxonomical notes : Lesser Kestrel is really monotypic?

With these “taxonomical notes” I want to launch a series of notes and thoughts about some problem related to the taxonomy of Western Palearctic birds, addressing some conundrums which have not yet been studied in detail or did not get … Continue reading

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calidus Peregrine

Photographed yesterday at Urim, NW Negev, Israel. Perched on the famous powerline – hotspot for large falcons. calidus are regular in winter in Israel, mainly in the NW Negev. Juveniles are tricky, similar to Lanner and barbary. But adults like … Continue reading

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José Luis Copete – Top Team Moments 2012

My best moment of birding 2012? I already know it: finding a Philippine Eagle with Dani López-Velasco. We flushed it incidentally when passing below the tree it was sitting, going down from top of Mt Kitanglad in March. The bird flew above the … Continue reading

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Tormod Amundsen – Top Team Moments 2012

Such a difficult choice! Allthough I have seen them in thousands over and over again, both Stellers´and King Eiders are simply breathtaking birds. I feel really spoiled when seeing the clusters of Stellers Eider from my office window. Then there … Continue reading

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How many morphs do we know for Atlas Long-legged Buzzard?

How many morphs do we know for Atlas Long-legged Buzzard? – Andrea Corso In all the available field guides, but also on major work such as Cramp & Simmons (1980) there are no mention neither illustrations of any other plumage … Continue reading

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Asian Black-shouldered Kite

Agamon Park, Hula Valley Elanus caeruleus vociferus  ‘Evil Red Eyes’ typed into the Google search engine brings up these images. Just like the piercing ruby eyes of the Black-shouldered Kite. Those eyes, deep-set in black furrows, on the side of triangular Owl-like head, … Continue reading

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Your Comments are Needed by 30th November!

Saving our Moorland Birds This is your opportunity to influence The National Trust’s High Peak Moors Vision and Plan Project.  Local to us in Sheffield and highly vulnerable to mis-management of the countryside (e.g. see here), much of the Moorland is owned by the … Continue reading

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