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Swintail or Pinhoe’s?

On Thursday October 10th, two of my mates Eyal Shochat and Yaron Charka found this exciting Snipe at Ma’agan Michael on the Mediterranean Coast of Israel. The bird showed very well to me on Sunday. Very easy to separate from … Continue reading

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The Great Snipe at Spurn

The Bird and The People 15th September 2013 Click through TWICE on any snipe image to see it much better, up close and personal 1st winter  (I think). Central belly rather plain white with little barring (fully barred on adult) … Continue reading

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Revealed: Mongolian Plover – First for Israel

Unearthed from August 2000 Itai Shanni and Martin G. Following the wrestles with the very recent Lesser Sand Plover in Israel, Itai Shanni dug out an old slide. Looks like a first for Israel! Itai wrote: “See attached the photo … Continue reading

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Mongolian, Lesser and Greater Sand Plovers

Postscript: by Martin G. Given Yoav’s excellent posts below on this 3rd, 4th or 5th* record of Lesser Sand Plover for Israel, and a Mongolian Plover in Scotland seemingly heading south and to become Ireland’s first,  I thought it apposite to add to the … Continue reading

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Israeli sand-plover resolved

I hope Martin forgives me for turning this into my personal blog. But this bird stirred a fascinating discussion among some top birders, and deserves one last post. Lesser Sand-plover  So after lots of thinking and reading and discussing, the … Continue reading

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Some more flight shots of the Israeli sandplover

By Irad Solnik, showing how difficult it is to identify birds from pictures only, especially of such difficult taxa pairs like atrifrons / columbinus: More on this bird to follow.

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Tricky Greater Sand-plover

Yesterday, Israeli birder Irad Solnik had a summer-plumaged sand-plover in a small lagoon near Bet Yanay, on the Mediterranean coast. This immediately got the alarm bells ringing, as Greater Sand-plover, which is common in Israel, moults very early and now … Continue reading

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Waders at Thornwick

New Every Morning by Martin G. The new little patch at ‘Thornwick Pool, Flamborough has  a daily turnover of waders and wildfowl. Not big numbers, just a few birds. But close and quality. Very enjoyable. All photos taken from the … Continue reading

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Wood and Green Sandpipers

Video rules Thornwick Pool, Flamborough is a conservation site, the result of collaboration between the caravan park owner and a  few keen local birders FBO, YCN and GFB. It’s a chance to create a special wee wetland. Still in infancy … Continue reading

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