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Wacky wagtails

Israel in spring is a great place to study Yellow Wagtail subspecies. There is a good mix of western and eastern forms, and the males are obviously very good looking in spring. Among the more distinct forms, such as nominate … Continue reading

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Grey-headed Wagtail ID

Necklaces on females by Sindre Molværsmyr and M.G.  It’s long been known that adult male Grey-headed Wagtails (thunbergi) can show variable dark feather across the yellow breast, on some creating something of a little necklaced effect. Females can too. Sindre reports on observations made on … Continue reading

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Blues, Reds,Greens

Yellows and Whites Flamborough 18/19th April Still lively here. Missed a fly through Alpine Swift  in the morning but was very pleased to find this male Blue-headed Wagtail in the afternoon. It was cavorting with 2 male Yellows, 2 male Whites and several Pied … Continue reading

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Unusual Citrine Wagtail?

In Brittany, France by Martin and Philippe Dubois We can get juvenile/ 1st winter Citrine Wagtails pretty much anytime now. Philippe Dubois sent these photos of a 1st winter Citrine Wagtail taken in Brittany, NW France. It was present, 7-10 September, 2011. All photos by Matthieu Canevet. Notice … Continue reading

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Intriguing Yellow Wagtails…..

This post poses more questions than answers, but you’ve gotta love Yellow wagtails 🙂 The first bird of interest was photographed recently by Nick Senior at Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire. This bird shows grey upper-parts/nape/crown that perhaps could be explained away … Continue reading

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1st summer male Citrine Wagtail

Yotvata, S. Israel Certainly a Citrine Wagtail, probably ‘werae‘. Another little surprise in late March during a morning spent at a magical sewage works near Yotvata. I also think it is a first summer male and with characters perhaps closer to werae- though not … Continue reading

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Pipits and Wagtails

on Linosa Still got some posts to do at this amazing place and the folk who go there. Here’s a collection of some of the  Pipits and Wagtails I saw on the island in early November and also why they were interesting… Walking with some of the guys towards the harbour. … Continue reading

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Wacky Pied Wagtails

Helgoland  Day 2 Bird race day. Before I wax lyrical about the Helgoland bird race, just thought I had better draw a line under this curious bird. Into the afternoon (22nd October) and we were once again enjoying the amazing variety of passerines feeding on … Continue reading

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Finale- Shetland Autumn 2011

Saturday, 8th October Still on Shetland, South Mainland to be precise. A little emerging tradition has been to finish guiding and join Roger Riddington and Paul Harvey the next day for a full day’s relaxed birding together. As Roger so helpfully reminded me, together we scored with Taiga Flycatcher (2 … Continue reading

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