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A Tricky Subalpine Warbler

A Subalpine Trap : an interesting “cantillans” makes things hard ! by Andrea Corso, Michele Viganò, Ottavio Janni & THE MISC The Subalpine Warbler Sylvia cantillans (sensu latu) complex is one of the most interesting Sylvia taxa in the Western Palearctic; its variety of taxa, complicated taxonomy … Continue reading

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Icterine Warbler

in Autumn Flamborough 24 Sept. 2013 Just celebrating great birds. I have looked and listened and looked for that first Yellow-browed Warbler of my autumn. None yet, Just Chiffchaffs, fly over Lapland Bunting, odd Willow Warblers, in-off Snipes and rare … Continue reading

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Mega Yellow-browed Warbler Year?

Ahead… by Ben Sheldon Yellow-browed Warbler on Linosa in Nov 2011 by Miki Vigiano Ben Sheldon got in touch furnishing more details following ‘rumours on Yellow-broweds’. This next month could be fascinating, featuring one of my all-time favourite birds! Hi … Continue reading

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Siberian and Desert Lesser Whitethroats

Shetland Explorations… by Martin G. 23rd September 2012 – a year ago yesterday a ‘Desert’ Lesser Whitethroat was trapped at Spurn. Subsequent DNA analysis matched it to birds from a VERY long way away (as suspected based on its plumage and … Continue reading

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Wild Weekend: Shetland Spring Extra

More and More by Martin G. This Greenish Warbler was a bit of a highlight find over a Shetland Nature ‘Wild Weekend’. Following on from the Shetland Spring Birding holiday, I lead a shorter ‘Wild Weekend’. A new group with … Continue reading

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Shetland Spring Birding Part 2

1/2 hour of Migrant Madness  It was on Unst where the most favoured memory (amoung many) of the week’s holiday with Shetland Nature happened. So let’s fast forward: Marsh Warbler at Skaw, Unst (Robbie Brookes). Part of a half hours of scarce/ … Continue reading

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Blyth’s Reed Warbler

in Spring! by Andy Cook, photos and comment by Martin G and Brydon T. “I had just completed the last field on a voluntary RSPB wader survey on my neighbour’s croft… Blyth’s Reed Warbler, Everland, Fetlar, 29th May 2013, by … Continue reading

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Mount Hermon’s Breeding Birds

+ surprise new species (not fully identified!) by Yoav P. During the last 6 weeks I have been coordinating an extensive Breeding Bird Atlas Project on Mt. Hermon. This is Israel’s highest peak, and our only alpine habitats are there. … Continue reading

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Marsh and Reed Warbler

Originally posted on Birding Frontiers:
Heads up Its only 3 days ago! Had such a full on few days and just catching up. Last monday was the start of the 3 day guided event at Spurn which started bang on with…

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