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Baer’s on the brink

Baer’s Pochard (Aythya baeri) hit the mainstream birding headlines in Europe when British birder, Alan Lewis, famously ‘twitched’ one in Japan in February 2012.  The fact that Alan was prepared to fly half way around the world to see a … Continue reading

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Merganser Bonanza

By Terry This special photo was taken by Liu Mingyu on the Yalu River, Liaoning Province in China during a birding trip with good friend, Bai Qingquan from Dandong.  And what a photo it is…  it features three species of … Continue reading

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Is this a Whistling Swan?

By Terry China doesn’t yet have a rarities committee.  That will come as birding becomes more popular.  And so, for the time being, there is no formal way to assess reports of unusual birds.  I am therefore inviting readers of … Continue reading

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A Turning Point in China?

Something astonishing is happening in China.  An unfolding story that one Chinese friend told me, “could be a turning point in conservation and wild bird protection in China.” On Sunday 11 November local people discovered many sick and dying ORIENTAL … Continue reading

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Asian House Martin – Coming Soon To A Headland Near You?

Asian House Martin (Delichon dasypus) must be a candidate for vagrancy to Western Europe.  At least one of the three subspecies is a strong and long distance migrant. However, looking very similar to its common European sister-species, how many people would be … Continue reading

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Lao Tie Shan: The Falsterbo of the East

By Terry T On 24 September 2011 Paul Holt, Peter Cawley and I counted an astonishing 1,035 Oriental Honey Buzzards. It was our first day at Lao Tie Shan, a poorly known site in northeast China. Little did we know … Continue reading

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Discovering Birds in Beijing

by Terry A staggering 1,422 bird species have been seen in China.  Around 121 are endemic and 87 are classified as “Vulnerable”, “Endangered” or “Critically Endangered”.   In Beijing alone there are 435 species on the official list, making it … Continue reading

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