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Russian Common Gull ssp heinei

An adult on Texel Thought I would flag this up before the forthcoming gull days– One to be looking for. One of the fun birds to find with the guys on Texel was this adult Russian Common Gull ssp. heinei. Info on identification on these is … Continue reading

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Mystery Warbler on Linosa

It IS an acrocephalus warbler! Thank for all the responses to this bit of a quiz bird. It was another acro to learn from. Found early on in the stay late one evening by intrepid Andrea and others, we wondered if it might just … Continue reading

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We are going on the TIP!

Cheshire Gull Day  Saturday 17th March 2012 Thanks to some great organising by folk involved with Moore Nature Reserve and Friends of Wigg Island this day is looking really cool.   Start will be 8:30 am at Moore Nature Reserve. We will be kitted … Continue reading

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American White-winged Scoter in Japan

Amoung the Stejneger’s A great find yesterday by David Cooper. He emailed to say he had found an adult male American White-winged Scoter in a harbour in eastern Hokkaido, Japan. Seems to be the first for this part of the world, … Continue reading

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Vagrant White-headed Duck!

First winter in the Netherlands Sad but true! One of the birds I most wanted to see was a White-headed Duck. So part of Monday 13th Feb saw Nils, me and Sander Bot heading to a wildfowl hotspot. What a … Continue reading

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Mystery Essex Gull

A comment There was a great set of responses to Steve Arlow’s Essex gull here When a first saw the images I said to Steve that it reminded me  of  some barabensis- particularly the Caspian Gull end (also called Steppe Gull- referring to  large gulls breeding especially over  central Asia and wintering roughly  in … Continue reading

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Polar Experience in the Netherlands

Gulls, Ducks and Cold Perhaps it will prove to be one of my nature highlights of the year. Arriving to catch the boat on 12 Feb with the boys (Nils, Diederik and Jeroan) from Den Helder to Texel, we encountered an … Continue reading

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