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Your one stop reference guide – fully updated & extended!

Are you looking for a particular reference for a particular group of species? Well here is your fully updated and extended one stop shop for references of many things avian! All the reference lists Fully updated AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2011. The latest … Continue reading

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News from Spurn Island

Long-tailed Skua, Sabine’s Gull and a breach NW winds brought great seabirds past Spurn and especially past my caravan. Background has included Sooty and Manx Shearwaters each morning and evening, lots more Arctic Skuas, many terns including several Blacks and a few Great Skuas. Top spot goes to a juvenile Long-tailed Skua which flew close inshore … Continue reading

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First winter Citrine Wagtail

you decide… Have fun with this scenario. Pete Kinsella, one of the faithful birders at Seaforth, Liverpool, emailed a couple of days ago with a pic of a flava type wagtail. It had a raspy call and I agreed with Pete: … Continue reading

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Eastern Yellow and Citrine Wagtails

The Vlieland Bird: 20 September 2009 Found on Vlieland, Netherlands, 2 years ago this bird caused some lively discussion and a little controversy. As the possibility of some autumn Eastern flavas draws near, I think it’s an important record as it contributes to our ongoing learning about Eastern … Continue reading

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Parrot Crossbill

Here’s the answer Besides a guess for Two-barred Crossbill, some guessed the mystery undertail coverts belonged to congener, the Pine Grosbeak. No, it’s a crossbill sp. No worries if you got it wrong- best way to learn!  Photographed in the Scottish Highlands and I agree with the photographer, it looks like … Continue reading

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I wonder if…

I will see any of these this autumn/ winter? What do you think? Any ideas as to species?        

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Juvenile Caspian and Yellow-legged Gulls

August Features That’s not august features (inspiring awe, admiration; majestic etc) but features you see in the months of August….Never mind! Seems like juvenile Caspian Gull is getting within my reach. Dean Nicholson photographed one on Lincoln Tip on 18th August. Perhaps the young do something similar to Mediterranean Gulls which … Continue reading

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Norway March 2012

Kicksled Birding Stejneger’s Scoter and Glaucous-winged Gull there just in the last couple of months. Remember them? Working with the guys in Varanger (Arctic Norway) on doing a Birding Frontiers special in late March/ early April 2012. Think 1000’s and 1000’s of Brunnich’s Guillemots, looking … Continue reading

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Juvenile Sand Martins

Rufous to Silver Something Adam Hutt pointed out to me a while back. How the plumage of juvenile Sand Martin varies. I got chance to see it up close and personal last week. Basically the commonest pattern on juvenile Sand Martins is of a … Continue reading

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