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Lightning sometimes strikes twice – Grey-necked Bunting on Helgoland

by Jochen D. One of the worst birds I ever dipped on Helgoland was the 2009 Grey-necked Bunting – I left the island the day before (as many other birders). With only a handful of records in northwestern Europe the … Continue reading

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Top posting during 2012…

Who would have thought? This was the real surprise top posting of 2012. An article with no photos, about a common bird species already renowned for its varied vocal repertoire. And yet… Jochen noticed something. His observation galvanised folk from all over Europe to report similar experiences. 16 … Continue reading

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Jochen Dierschke – Top Team Moments 2012

My bird of the year was undoubtedly the Eastern Crowned Warbler in my garden, although a bit beaten by the Pale-legged Leaf Warbler in Britain a few days later. Such birds occurring in a garden (although on Helgoland every square … Continue reading

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Strange Great Tit calls – invasion from the east?

Although some pairs of Great Tits breed annually on Helgoland, the majority of birds occurs during migration. Every few years, numbers are much larger than in other years, usually corresponding with large numbers in southern Sweden. However, most ringing recoveries … Continue reading

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Eastern Crowned Warbler in my garden

Helgoland, October 2012 by Jochen I have never been a garden lister, but I was always fascinated by the book of John Holloway: Fair Isle’s Garden Birds, published back in 1984. He recorded in 5 years 177 species in his … Continue reading

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Influx of Greenish Warblers?

by Jochen It has been an excellent spring for Greenish Warblers in Germany with several breeding records and stragglers far away from the more regular sites. Late August is the best time in autumn for this species on Helgoland, as … Continue reading

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126 Species: One October Day

Helgoland 22nd October 2011 Part of the Helgoländer Vogeltage each year is an all-island bird race. It’s a bit of fun and gets everyone looking. I was co-opted onto the team of Eckhard Moeller, Peter Meyrahn and Carsten Cordes the ‘Herford Birders’ (after their … Continue reading

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Wacky Pied Wagtails

Helgoland  Day 2 Bird race day. Before I wax lyrical about the Helgoland bird race, just thought I had better draw a line under this curious bird. Into the afternoon (22nd October) and we were once again enjoying the amazing variety of passerines feeding on … Continue reading

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Helgoland: Day One Birding

An Island FULL of birds  Friday 21st October. Having arrived the previous evening as sun was setting to one of ‘birdings’ famed islands. Helgoland. Weather not ideal. Keep expectations low. I only had 2 days. What would I see? Well here’s the sunrise view from my B and B: Kringle … Continue reading

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