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Intermediate Arctic Redpoll

Is it or isn’t it? As we are into tricky Arctic Redpoll ID issues, here a great set of photos from Roger Riddington of a tricky redpoll at Sumburgh Head Shetland earlier this month (10th November 2010). At the end a tricky bird I found nearly 5 … Continue reading

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Glip, Parakeet and British Crossbills

4 vocal types now recorded at Strines Following on from a  couple days ago, Dougies Preston got in touch from Shetland interested to see the Crossbill sonagrams. So I sent him  sound files. Thing was my confusion. The first Crossbills I … Continue reading

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Lapland Bunting

Sheffield Tame Tick First weekend in November (6th) I was on Blacka with Roy Twigg, Dave Hursthouse and others looking for Homer the Shrike. Got call from Mark Reeder ‘its like Shetland’. He had just found both Lapland and Snow … Continue reading

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Glip and Parakeet Crossbills

Maybe… Gorgeous morning, crisp icy air on west side of Strines/ Hollingdale plantation. It’s a remote spot apart from tree felling going on in the distance. I went looking for Mountain Hare. Have seen them here before, but NONE. Have … Continue reading

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Bean Goose Salton Sea Part 2

Best left as unidentified? Hard to imagine a better photos of a Bean Goose! It’s an education for sure. Thanks to Paul Lehman,  Ken Kurland and Tom Blackman,  another set of photos of the Californian Bean Goose, and to Chris Batty for … Continue reading

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Iceland Gull find – Rainham

Dominic Mitchell emailed yesterday to say he had found a 2nd winter Iceland Gull on the Tip at Rainham over the weekend plus up to 16 Yellow-Legged Gulls in the areas. He was scouting for the Gull Day on 4th … Continue reading

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Norfolk Tooter Bullfinch

Male Northern Bullfinch photos I was wondering what the ‘tooting’/’trumpeting Northern Bullfinch presently in Norfolk looked like. Thanks to John Furse who sent a photo. Male Northern Bullfinch (giving ‘trumpeting call’). Wells, Norfolk. John Furse. Richard Willison sent more photos of the 1st … Continue reading

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