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White-faced Storm Petrel: Juvenile plumage

Rarely photographed by Martin G. One of the less headline making observations on our Lazararote pelagic in August was of the first apparent JUVENILE White-face Storm Petrel seen on these trips. Do you remember when they were called the mythical … Continue reading

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Barolo Shearwater

“get on… this… small shearwater!” The other boat- do you know  the geezer with the wacky hat, perched next to mast and looking through bins? This was his best ever pelagic: “Never seen anything good on a pelagic” said he … Continue reading

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Fea’s or Desertas Petrel? by Martin G. 2nd or 3rd photographed record for Spain One off the early highlights  on our 2 day Lanzarote Pelagic in late August 2013: a Pterodroma. I think it might also be one of the … Continue reading

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Now That’s What I Call…

… a Seawatch! Flamborough Head: 11th September 2013 Paving the way, seawatching off Flamborough Head in evening of  9th Sept. produced a full breach Minke Whale, followed on 10th Sept. by 10’s of Sooty Shearwater, 1 juv. Long-tailed Skua, juvenile … Continue reading

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Red-billed Tropicbird and friends

off Lanzarote by Martin I am away this week with friends. This is where I will be 🙂 Reporting when we get back. 2 days and 2 night at sea. Not been done before. A frontier birding experience all round! … Continue reading

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British Storm Petrel

South Landing, Flamborough Sometime humans go all nocturnal in order to see nature that only comes out at night. Night before last (20th-21st July) was a very well organised such event. The YWT’s Living Seas Centre -where a certain lovely … Continue reading

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Shetland Spring Birding Part 2

1/2 hour of Migrant Madness  It was on Unst where the most favoured memory (amoung many) of the week’s holiday with Shetland Nature happened. So let’s fast forward: Marsh Warbler at Skaw, Unst (Robbie Brookes). Part of a half hours of scarce/ … Continue reading

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Seabird Watching Resources

Getting ready for the season July’s around the corner. The month is synonymous with the traditional start of our seawatching season. Mega migrants and occasional vagrants will draw me out on Flamborugh head. Locally, Spurn is also now recognised as a … Continue reading

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Red-billed Tropicbird and August Pelagic

Lanzarote, late August. The pioneering pelagics will be continuing off Lanzarote. Some old posts here  and here . I’ll be joining the guys Dani and Juan for a ‘Birding Frontiers’ special 2 day gig over 27th-28th of August. There are a few spare places. Dani writes: … Continue reading

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