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White-faced Storm Petrel: Juvenile plumage

Rarely photographed by Martin G. One of the less headline making observations on our Lazararote pelagic in August was of the first apparent JUVENILE White-face Storm Petrel seen on these trips. Do you remember when they were called the mythical … Continue reading

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Barolo Shearwater

“get on… this… small shearwater!” The other boat- do you know  the geezer with the wacky hat, perched next to mast and looking through bins? This was his best ever pelagic: “Never seen anything good on a pelagic” said he … Continue reading

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Fea’s or Desertas Petrel? by Martin G. 2nd or 3rd photographed record for Spain One off the early highlights  on our 2 day Lanzarote Pelagic in late August 2013: a Pterodroma. I think it might also be one of the … Continue reading

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Now That’s What I Call…

… a Seawatch! Flamborough Head: 11th September 2013 Paving the way, seawatching off Flamborough Head in evening of  9th Sept. produced a full breach Minke Whale, followed on 10th Sept. by 10’s of Sooty Shearwater, 1 juv. Long-tailed Skua, juvenile … Continue reading

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Red-billed Tropicbird and friends

off Lanzarote by Martin I am away this week with friends. This is where I will be 🙂 Reporting when we get back. 2 days and 2 night at sea. Not been done before. A frontier birding experience all round! … Continue reading

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British Storm Petrel

South Landing, Flamborough Sometime humans go all nocturnal in order to see nature that only comes out at night. Night before last (20th-21st July) was a very well organised such event. The YWT’s Living Seas Centre -where a certain lovely … Continue reading

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Shetland Spring Birding Part 2

1/2 hour of Migrant Madness  It was on Unst where the most favoured memory (amoung many) of the week’s holiday with Shetland Nature happened. So let’s fast forward: Marsh Warbler at Skaw, Unst (Robbie Brookes). Part of a half hours of scarce/ … Continue reading

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