Pine Bunting…

…genes in some Yellowhammers

I have not had a good look at Yellowhammer flocks recently though have made a bit of a habit of it in the past. As a result I have managed to find one female Pine Bunting and I have seen at least 2 birds which I thought showed some (albeit weak) Pine Bunting traits. The female type Pine Bunting was at Flamborough  Head in November 2003. It inspired me to explore the subject further. Maybe will dig out the details sometime- but basically it seemed obvious that Yellowhammers with some Pine Bunting genes might be even commoner than the real deal.

February and March are great Pine Bunting hunting months. Even if I don’t find a real pure (or almost) Pine Bunt I might well encounter a Yellowhammer with a  bit of Pine Bunting in. If I get chance I will try get photos taken by Nigel Blake of a bird which I saw at Rimac, Lincs a few years ago.

Meanwhile I think this is also one, photographed by Chris Batty at Bradshaw Lane Head, Pilling Moss, Lancashire on 30th December 2003.

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