Stejneger’s and White-winged Scoters

and one of them is off Kerry, Ireland!

Stunning find it would seem. Distant photos- hard to read but it does indeed looks like Josh Jones (with Oliver Metcalf) has videoed a first for Ireland, in Co. Kerry on 7th march 2011 (first seen in late 2010 by Davy Farrer). There are no British records.  I think both fit full species criteria. I did a couple of articles both in Birding World (who love pioneering articles!). Seen more closely the males are not too difficult to tell. The yellow is the best first feature to go for- yellow lick along bill edge on Stejenger’s, yellow directly below nostril on White-winged (deglandi) and the head shape is actually really different which is why they rather look like good species! Several other indicative features…

Ian Lewington’s super plate tells it much better than words. And if I had a punt? The head shape reminds me of Stejneger’s… let’s see.

Plate is from: Garner, M., Lewington, I. & Rosenberg. G. 2004 Stejneger’s Scoter in the Western Palearctic and North America.  Birding World Vol.17:8 (337-347). Updated text in “Frontiers in Birding”.

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3 Responses to Stejneger’s and White-winged Scoters

  1. davey says:

    the bird at rossbiegh was photographed on 2.11.11 bymyself, i first seen the bird in december but could not get pos id on bird so would like credication!

  2. Rasmus Strack says:

    a short video and some videosnapshot of the danish bird can be found here

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