Arctic Birding

Play Top Trumps with Arctic Owls ; ) over  here

Hands up…

…if you are interested in coming to the Arctic Gullfest 2013. Places on the Taiga part of the trip will be limited, but otherwise, loads of room. ‘The experience of a life time ‘, it was called by more than one person.

Have a Listen to feedback from  guests at Gullfest 2012. Its only about 15 minutes and you even hear some waffle from me.

 Here: Listen to Gullfest Podcast

A warm welcome awaits

Lunch in the Taiga forest

Certainly lots of Gulls 

Lots of Learning and expertise:

One of our leading local experts explains the thayeri pattern on p9

The birds usually give good views:

(that’s a Siberian Tit on my hand with male Pine Grosbeak background right.)

Photography is not always easy:

when the birds won’t fit in the frame of view

There can even be surprises for the leaders:

Tengmalm’s Owl well north of normal range, by Vincent van der Spek.

wacky subspecies questions to wrestle with:

Like: is this a ‘Siberian Snow Bunting’ ssp vlasowae? One of several seen at Gullfest 2012. This one was 200 metres from  the base camp. Look pretty darn good whatever!

all kinds of mammals:

such as Reindeer, Arctic Hare, Orca, Moose, Killer Whale,and this crazy Norway Lemming on the high Tundra!

Or like Mrs Garner your just happy seeing predators

like Gyrfalcon and White-tailed Eagle

Owlfest is what some called it

Mrs Garner found this one herself. Think we saw about 11 Hawk Owls in all.

Anyway it’s happening in April 2013. Did you have a listen to the podcast? Let them tell you how it was:

Here it is again. Talking Naturally Gullfest podcast


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