You are Invited!

Pushing the Boundaries Tour

21st January to 4th February 2013

We start next Monday night, 21st January and travel for 2 weeks around the country. You don’t have to be a member of the hosting bird club, just come along to the nearest venue. Hope you can make it!

“One of the most inspiring events I have ever seen” is how attendees, coming from all over Europe and North America, summed up the first Arctic Gullfest in April 2012. This evening brings together the hosts of that event. Martin and Sharon, from Sheffield, UK will talk about pushing the boundaries of birding over the last 12 months, some of which have been kept off the Birding Frontiers blog, especially for this tour. Birding architects Tormod and his wife Elin will talk about their family move to Varanger, in Arctic Norway. They combine pioneering architecture and conservation while engaging ordinary local people- pushing the boundaries in how people and nature work better together. It promises to be a highly entertaining and inspiring evening- not to be missed!

When and Where:

01 Picture1

Bangor  – Monday 21st January 2013 – more info coming here

Lincoln – Tuesday 22nd January 2013 – more info here

Sheffield – Wednesday 23rd January 2013 – more info here

Barnsley – Thursday 24th January 2013 – more info coming here

Leicester/Rutland – Friday 25th January 2013 – more info here

Cambridge – Monday 28th January 2013 – more info here

Bedford – Tuesday 29th January 2013 – more info here

Dorset – Wednesday 30th January 2013 – more info coming here

Kent – Thursday 31st January 2013 – more info coming here

Northumberland – Monday 4th February 2013 – more info here

Other upcoming Birding Frontiers Events

London Natural History Society – Wednesday 6th February 2013 – more info here and  here

6 Weds. 19.00 Ornithology (London Bird Club). The LookOut, Hyde Park. The Wonder Of Birds. Martin Garner. Author of Frontiers In Birding, Martin Garner invites you to join him in sharing a passion for birds and wildlife!  A member of the British Birds Rarities Committee and an ID consultant for Birding World, Martin will illustrate why we should never take our local patch for granted by highlighting some London rarities and also looking at some of the most exciting places for birding in the Western Palearctic. So come and be inspired, encouraged and entertained in an evening fully exploring the wonder of birds!

Wakefield RSPB Group – Thursday 28th February 2013 – more info here

“The wonders of Israel in Spring and Autumn”

About Martin Garner

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4 Responses to You are Invited!

  1. When the next tour then Martin, as it’d be good to get you dropping down to Cornwall…

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  3. Marc Hughes says:

    Just got back from the Bangir leg- fascinating and inspirational! Thoroughly recommended.

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