Rare Seabirds at Spurn

Long-tailed Skua, Sabine’s Gull and a breach migfest-logo-2

“Highlighting some of the excellent seabird passage that goes on each year in late August/early September- here’s a post from 2 years ago that gives a flavour in advance of the Migration festival … “

(from 2011)

NW winds brought great seabirds past Spurn and especially past my caravan. Background has included Sooty and Manx Shearwaters each morning and evening, lots more Arctic Skuas, many terns including several Blacks and a few Great Skuas. Top spot goes to a juvenile Long-tailed Skua which flew close inshore off the Garner caravan 2 night ago. The last night (29th August) an adult Sabine’s Gull flew south. Fantastic! Overnight also though, the road south of the warren was breached by the high swells and high tide. It took out a chunk of sand dune and ripped up the road. Check it out, photo from this morning (30.8.11):


Shetland is coming up at the end of September . Still some places available on Taiga Flycatcher week! I met one of our clients from last year at the Birdfair and as soon as we meet he was reminded how much fun we had a booked again. Go on- take the plunge!

more from Spurn ‘island’ this morning

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