What They Are Saying…

About Britain’s First Migration Festival…

As well as all the events already publicised HERE  there will also be:

* an multi-artist exhibition in the old lighthouse (and a chance to go right up to the top!)

* active radar station monitoring bird migration- one off the only ones in the country

* bat migration studies using bat detectors and dusk time bat walks


See You There!

“Spurn is THE place in Britain for bird migration, overhead, in the bushes, on the sea and in the bird ringing room – learning and admiration of the sheer spectacle go hand in hand. The Migration Festival promises to be electric from dawn until dusk, see you there!”

Mark Thomas, RSPB

“Spurn is one of my favourite sites and a premier bird migration hot-spot – I have been privileged to enjoy visible migration there on a massive scale, and also some of the top-class rarities that such movements can bring. This festival definitely has the potential to be one of the key events in British birding calendar.”

Dominic Mitchell, Managing Editor, Birdwatch magazine and BirdGuides.com

Spurn is synonymous with migration so there’s no better place to celebrate and explore this amazing aspect of birds’ lives! With migration is at the core of what BirdTrack is all about it’s fantastic to be involved in the inaugural Spurn Migration Festival. Many other BTO projects such as Cuckoo and Nightingale tracking and our fieldwork in Africa are revealing some of the mysteries of migration and the festival will be the perfect way to inspire and engage birders with these mysteries!  

Nick Moran, British Trust for Ornithology

Spurn Migration Festival is getting right to the heart of what makes birdwatching so endlessly fascinating. There’s nowhere better than Spurn to appreciate the sheer scale of the ongoing miracle of migration, something that touches every aspect of the birdlife you see around you. Go along to be educated and inspired by one of the natural world’s great spectacles, and by some of the experts dedicated to unravelling its mysteries.

Matt Merritt, Birdwatching Magazine

“We are delighted to be involved in Britain’s first Migration Festival, a great and pioneering initiative. We hope to provide a helpful and encouraging environment for visiting birders keen on learning more about digiscoping”

The Swarovski Optik UK team.

Richard and Steve of Yorkshire Coast Nature are excited to be part of the first-ever Migration Festival in the UK at Spurn. They are looking forward with great enthusiasm to the many and varied walks and talks, workshops and demonstrations not just about birds but about moths and other insects, plants, fossils and lots more.

Yorkshire Coast Nature

See You There!

For more on how to book a day or weekend ticket and accommodation. Go HERE


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